Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cora and "Big Mini"

Sweet Cora Anne... Oh how you think!

Here is the "back story".
Cora has some fear issues. First it was the evil prairie dogs (out in our field, daily, getting closer). Then it was the "wolf-es" or coyotes who are the all known evil in every child's mind. Now it is something much more sinister... Big Mini!

Basically, Big Mini is a giant rat that lives in the woods behind our house. Big Mini is known to howl and "tump" (thump) around at night. She (oh yes, it is a she) eats babies, moms and dads, horses, dogs, chickens and well, just about anything, according to Cora! No one is safe! She wants to go on a "Daddy Daughter Date" to go shoot Big Mini, then cook her up and eat her. It is the mystery to go down in history!

Big Mini also does things like takes mommy's scissors and cuts up mommy's paper... yeah pretty much everything Cora could get blamed for. She is evil, that Big Mini. I am beginning to think this could be a lost Freudian theory... the Theory of the Inner Big Mini.

I did record her saying all this... I just can't get it up on the blog... working on it.

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