Wednesday, December 19, 2012

::: Our 2012 Update :::

Tim - This was an exciting and challenging year for Tim. With joy, he has excepted the position of Executive Director of Cross Bar X! The summer brought a continued passion for struggling youth and for the remedy of the Gospel in lives! Tim is currently finishing up his graduate degree in Family Counseling and Leadership at Liberty!
Marci - This past year has been FULL... of homeschooling, camp, mothering, crafts, reading and learning for Marci. This year Tim and Marci celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary! They commemorated it by going away to Victoria, British Columbia for a few days... with out the children!
 Addie - (Age 7.5) This year Addie lost her first 2 teeth, learned to swim, and took up a CBX position and earned $75 as trading post coordinator. This fall she entered the 2nd grade and is enjoying art! Addie wanted people to know she has made a profession of faith in Jesus as her Savior!
Allan - (Age 6) Over the last year Allan has changed from a very timid little boy into a very joyful, active and thoughtful boy! He learned to ride a two-wheeler, speak his own thoughts  in English and regularly helps his dad and brother build things. Allan is in kindergarten and loves math and legos!

 Elias - (Age 5.5) Through out the last year Eli has become a highly loyal person who looks after others. This spring he enjoyed playing soccer with his brother in a league. He enjoys laughing, legos, and riding his bike. Eli is in kindergarten and enjoys listening to Akimbo adventure books!
 Cora - (Age 4) In 2012 Cora became an official Miller “big kid”. She lives for princesses, pink, doll houses and babies! She tries hard to be a helper and to be a good big sister. She is doing school right along side her brothers this year! Cora regularly keeps us all laughing at her unique personality!
Thea - (Almost 2) Over the last year Thea has changed dramatically as well! She is content, free from fear and actually quite a sassy character! She likes lambs (yep), milk, her pink butterfly blanket and being rocked and sang to. She has starting to talk in full sentences recently and regularly changes her shoes thoughout the day! 

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