Saturday, January 24, 2015

~ 4 Months ~

I have a confession ... I think my mom has a problem. 

I noticed it the first time months ago when she had to put away my little bed, her eyes were sparkly and she looked down in the dumps. 

Then a few weeks ago she got very teary when she had to put away all my 0-3 month clothes. I thought the new styles were a nice change in my fashion, she didn't seem to agree. 

Then when I started doing all my new abilities like finding my hands, grabbing things and blowing killer raspberries she would smile but act a bit dejected and then oddest of all she'd hug me a little too tight and smell my head! Crazy! 

She might have a problem. I think she needs to talk with someone...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making Another Baby...

Tonight we celebrated Thea's birthday (better late than never... We've had illnesses dictating our plans). But while having dinner Tim and I were whispering covertly about birthday surprises. Not wanting to spoil anything.

Cora caught on that we were trying to keep something from Thea and when Thea asked "What mom?" Cora said to her "Oh never mind Thea, they are just talking about making another baby..." And then she looked at Tim and I and winked twice ... Indicating she had it all figure out! Oh my! I nearly spit out my food it was so funny! 

We told her she should find another excuse/reason than that in the future but applauded her for her quick thinking!

That girl is my joy! 

Monday, January 12, 2015


I spend a lot of my daily hours staring at theses little people. 
Particularly when they are looking down reading or doing school work. 

The depth of the beauty God has placed around me!

A Convo with Cora

"Mom, why don't people nurse their bigger kids?"

"Well, once a child gets so big that they can drink out of a cup they just want to do that instead of nurse, usually. But some people do."

"Plus... if the mom put her milk in a cup it would squirt, squirt, squirt out one drop at a time (she demonstrates) and the kid would be thinking, 'Wow, this is taking a really long time, for just a glass of milk!'"

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I Forgot to Post Over the Holidays

This boy had his birthday on Christmas Eve... 
and his baby sister was 3 months old on the same day.
They have a special connection.

A rare sighting... Unhappy Whitley.


Whitley's Christmas Boots
Complete with vintage silver buttons!

I managed to make CRAFTS with the kids!

We actually got around to making cookies too!!!!

Thea's 1st dental appointment... she rocked it!

Our most beautiful tree!

Happy 4th Birthday Fi-Fi!

Happy Birthday Dear Thea!
(Affectionately Known As ... "Fi Fi")

This was one year ago today. 
Look at those chubby cheeks!
You were such a BABY!

This has been a year for the books! 
You have learned a lot.
How to make people laugh. How to cut your own hair. How to color and draw.

You've met your heroes and enjoyed new things!
You love all things Frozen, pink and princessy. 
You love to swim and dance and tip-toe every where!

You've spent countless hours in time out, on the potty and learning hard big lessons!
And you've grown so much! You know what it means to go to God for help!


You've started doing big girl school and you've become a BIG sister!
Big has been a word to define your year.
You are such a big person!


Sweet girl. I love you. I do.
I love your smile. I love your tenacity. I love your heart. 
I love that you are my daughter.

Keep growing. Keep doing big things. Keep trusting. Keep loving. Keep going to God.

I can't wait to see what your 4th year brings!
Love, Mom