Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Door Daybed

A few months ago Tim and I realized need a bed for our spare room ... it use to be the baby's room (she is about to turn 3 and I am ignoring that I ought not call her a "baby").

Tim's parents were coming for a visit and then a few weeks later my parents... we had NO bed for them. We deliberated if we wanted a queen or two twins until we realized a twin would be most functional, particularly a daybed/trundle combo. 

I was looking around and everything was p-p-p-ricy and that was when I got the notion that I wanted a "door daybed". 

If you know my husband at all you know that if  I say "Could you make me such-and-such?" He will undoubtedly say "When do you want it?" 

After looking at my inspiration photos he went to our local re-claimed materials store and bought 3 solid hardwood doors (one of which we didn't have to use), he found some old stair spindles and he got some lumber, plywood and some polyurethane from the hardware store. 

Tim trimmed/rounded the edges of the doors on top, put on the legs and constructed the base... all the boring stuff. I sanded and scrapped off  the chipped paint (which surely has lead in it)... I wore a mask and glasses, like Norm Abram would tell you to do. I left some of the paint on it to give it the effect I desired, but it could also have been taken all off and we could have refinished the old hardwood anyway we liked. Then I washed the doors off and poly-ed the whole thing about 3 times to seal it all in and make it safe.

This is what we ended up with...

The room looks even better with the trundle pushed under. 
The spreads were made by my grandma and were on her spare room beds.
They actually aren't solid black they have tiny tan pot-a-dots and are really quite charming.

I estimate we spent less than $75 to make our door daybed!

Ladies, don't look for a rich man or a man who has big muscles,
find a man who will make you things!


J.C. Fam said...

Great looking bed, Marci! And I had to smile at your quote at the end. :)

Adela Sabrina Meghan said...

Aw! its a great daybed with trundle