Friday, February 6, 2015

A Week of Words Around Our Home

"Is there quicksand in water?" ... "If someone steps in quicksand we can pray and ask God to help them... That would be the best thing to do, I think." 

"Elias, when someone says 'No.' you don't just stand there saying 'Pleeeeeze.' Everyone knows that that doesn't work... and it annoying!"

"If a man ever tried to kiss me I'd tell him 'I don't do that until I am married, Mr.!' And I wouldn't!"


"Hey, look at my back mom. I got a carpet stain on it..." (He meant a rug burn).

I (mama) was talking to Tim as we were watching Fantasia and asked "Did you get to watch this too when you had a sub at school?" Addie said "They let you eat subs at school! That's so cool!" 

"Whitley you are so nice and fat on your legs!"
(True to his African heritage... he loves fatness!)

"Mom! Cora broke my feelings..."

"Mom? Does that picture make me look like Miss Hannigan?" 
Mama~ "No, honey. Do you think you look like Miss Hannigan in it?"
Thea~ "Yeah... I look funny!"


Svatka Schneider said...

Ha, I absolutely love it! Keep them coming and most of all, keep recording them, kids will be so grateful when they can read through those years later, priceless.

Marci said...

They crack me up... I know later on they will enjoy reading about our lives through my eyes.