Friday, February 6, 2015

Picture Perfect

~ 20 Weeks ~

A breathy gasp announces her delight
Seriously examining
Moving constantly
Taking a bottle when mom is out
13 lbs
Sucks bottom lip, index finger, fist ... never her thumb
Dark gray blue eyes

(I am working on my photography skills... Not using a flash, adjusting my camera, ISO, perspective, arrangement, colors, editing. It is hard to not have moving parts blurry!!!)

1 comment:

Doug and Erika said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I love the use of the frame! I am still working on my photography skills too, but I have found that my 'skills' improved a bunch when I switched to a fixed 50mm. It lets in more light making wiggles less of a problem, and gives a nice background blur which is wonderful for portrait shots.