Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer Recap ~ Because I Haven't Blogged Since June

All good summers start with sunshine and smiles...

Addie managed the trading post again and mowed our lawn on her own... The boys later joined her in both tasks and it was a game changer for us! 

Eli took his grandma out on a paddle board. 

We did the Duck Race ... The water was high! Later the EPA spilled 3 million gallons of toxic mine water into our river... True story! 

The camp babies played and we all watched them.

We had mice. This one fell in my sink and couldn't get out. I picked him up with tongs and put him outside. I think he promptly came back in... 

Highland Games at camp, never disappoint. 

Addie baby wearing for the 1st time 

Our friends from TN, the Velkers, stopped for a visit... We have 13 children combined! Loved seeing them and sharing a little bit of life. 

Allan made a new friend 

Camp nurse Justine showed my children how to find out where their poop is located in their bodies by thumping sounds. 

Whitley learned to play the piano...

Then climbed the stairs. 

Knitting class - Year 8! Knit on! 

We all sat and watched babies play some more. 

Camp ended and we went nutso! 

We are currently finishing up our summer 35 Book Reading Challenge! This was Cora's last book... read to Whitley, because it just seemed fitting. 

This summer was a wild one! 

Tim and I had our 13th anniversary. Tim nearly cut his pinky off. We drilled a well, made a road, and made some big life choices. We walked alongside our staff as they did what God put before them. We finally got Thea fully potty trained!!! Glory be! 

I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco, just hanging on for dear life, most of the time. Goodness knows I don't do so well at that, but God was there, ever present, always gracious and might! 

It was real. 
Real good.
Real hard.
Real eventful. 
Real sweet. 
Real God by our side! 

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