Camp Family

We work and live at Cross Bar X Youth Ranch

Cross Bar X is a summer camp for underprivileged rural and urban youth. 
We are heading into our 11th summer at CBX!!! 

CBX only charges a minimum amount for a week of camp and is funded by the goodness of others. 

On any given week at CBX you will see children from traditional homes, foster families, being raised by single parents, with large families, children that are participants of mentorship programs, children raised by grandparents and children that are both churched and unchurched. They are all having a huge amount of fun and hearing the truth of the Gospel morning, afternoon and night as they play and as they learn.

It is rare for children to leave the same way that they came... very very rare. Most leave with one treasure... hope.  Many leave with a new perspective. All leave knowing there is ONE place in the world were love is consistent. Some leave having experienced GOD in a very personal and real way!

If you would like to participate as a counselor, camper, RV couple, cook food for a week or help us raise money for our family or the camp please contact me!

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