Saturday, August 15, 2015

School Curriculum Plan ~ 2015/16

Here we are again... Another school year is upon us!
So what are we going to do with it???

After planning our complete schedule and curriculum I had a change of mind... it kept coming back to me and I couldn't shake it!

I decided we need to SIMPLFY big time this year and focus (nearly fully) on...

~ The 3 R's ~

And, Bible, of course.

This is hard for me, but I think we need a year devoted to simplicity and focus. We need this because I can tell that a precocious preschooler and a very active baby are going to be distraction enough... I know we need this because we have 2 children with dyslexia, one still working on English skills. 

That said, we are still covering...
~ Core: literature/history/geography
~ Science
~ Grammar
~ Arts

We are just going to put that into a single block of time on Mondays... "get it out of the way" so to speak and then focus the rest of our week on The 3 R's. The only exception to this is our writing time will incorporate listening to, reading and copying quality literature. 

{ Curriculum Plan 2015/16 }

Everyone ~

Catechism/Memory Verse: New City Catechism

History/Lit. Core
Story of the World #3: Early Modern
Literature List - (I'm in the process making this list more complete)
Lyrical Learning

Language Arts (Writing and Grammar)
Easy Grammar - Daily Grams (maybe... we will see)

4/5th Grader ~

Phonics - All About Spelling/Reading Level 3

Math - Math-U-See: Gamma 
Khan Academy Math Practice
Handwriting - Getty-Dubay E

Language Arts - DYI Homeschool Journal

2nd Graders ~

Phonics - All About Reading Level 1 and 2 (depending on student's level)

Math - Math U See – Beta
Khan Academy Math Practice

Hand Writing - Getty-Dubay Italics C

1st Grader ~ 

Phonics - All About Reading Level 2

Math - Math U See – Alpha
Khan Academy Math Practice
Hand Writing - Getty-Dubay Italics C

Pre-Ker ~

Rod and Staff 3/4 Workbooks

Read good books and do fun stuff

That's it folks!

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