Friday, September 4, 2015

Tears Well ~ 4 Years Family!

Today marks a BIG day in our family!

I've often wondered what things would be like on this day.

How would "we" be?

Would we still worry or wonder?

We we all feel "at home"? 

Today marks the momentous day that Allan has been our son longer than he was not...

1460 days of being mama to this boy!

My heart breaks and hurts and reels when I remember this day. Oh, how horrible and wonderful it all was. I see his chubby face and tears well.

35063 hours of sonship, brotherhood and family.

Then I see him, like today, looking through an open door, saying "Maaah... can I have lemonade?" and he looks so big, so almost-nine and all-boy and saying my name in the way only he says it. I see his big boy face and tears well.

I can't express how good it feels. 
It is natural. It is honest. It is family.

I know it isn't the wish I'd give to my son, adoption that is, but it is what it is and its been good.

His name means precious. And he is. He is so so precious to me.
Thank you Jesus for letting me be his mama!

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