Saturday, September 5, 2015

Is Sugar Drunkness a Sin?

It all started off as a nice, calm, lovely evening celebrating Allan's 4 Forever Family Day... 

Traditional Ugandan stew, g-nut sauce, rice, Irish potatoes, pineapple, avocados... And Coco Cola.

We are pretty tame folks... Nothing too fancy or wild.

Everyone is enjoying their food. Thea, we notice is particularly fond of having her very own bottle of Coke... 

Maybe a little bit too fond? 

Um, yes. Far too excited about it!

Then the sugar starts to hit her... 
Oh, no! 

Eli tries to pat her to calm her down... Maybe not wise?

Uh oh! 

Yes. Yes, she is growling here. Frighteningly intense! 

Oh wow. Hilarity distracts from the intensity and breaks things up! Thank goodness! 

She seems impared... In fact, they both do. Is sugar drunkeness a real thing?

Back to more soda... Licking the bottle. Oh my!

Should we cut her off? I really think it might be wise...

Don't Eli... Just don't! You might lose your hand! 

Aw! We're sweet again, just like that! 

Happy Forever Family Day to us all! And many more hilarious, silly, crazy days to come!!! 

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