Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unexpectedly "Cool" Christian Boy Names

No, we aren't expecting... but I LOVE names with meaning. Recently I was talking with some MOPS moms about how hard it is to name boys... I truly think it is... and decided to come up with a short list of "unexpectedly cool" boy names... most of which are biblical or have spiritual ties or meanings. They are "unexpectedly cool" because they aren't your standard Matthew, Mark, Luke type names and ones that are often overlooked in the Bible.

Abraham - Father of many.
Amos – To carry, or God carries
Asa – To heal or God heals
Asher – Blessed or to make happy
Azariah - God helps. (Was "Abednego's" real name)
Barnabas – Son of encouragement (The kid that can pull this off has got to be an encourager).
Bennett– Blessed (Comes from Benedict the saint)
Benjamin– Son of my right hand
Boaz– Strength
Cephas– Rock! (pron. “Cai-phas” or “Cee-phas” )
Christian– Follower of Christ
Declan– A man of prayer (an Irish saint)
Ehud - United
Elias - The Lord is God (We LOVE this one)
Eliazar - God has helped
Emmanuel - God is with us.
Enoch - Dedicated to the Lord
Ephriam - Fruitful
Ezekiel - God will strengthen
Ezra– God has helped
Gideon– The Lord is strong
Haddon - As in Charles Haddon Spurgeon the famous pastor.
Herschel– Strong like a deer (Yiddish)
Hosea– The Lord saves (A form of Joshua or Jesus)
Jonas– God’s grace (after John) or Dove (after Jonah) either is excepted.
Jude– The Lord will be praised
Israel - God contended.
Matthias – Gift of God
Moses– Drawn out of the water or across the water (other meanings can be "Son" or "Deliverer")
Nahum– God is my comforter (Pron-“Na-um”)
Noah– God is my comfort
Obed – Servant of God
Patricus - St. Patrick's name, meaning "noble".
Philemon– Loving or Friend
Ransom– Shield
Shiloh - Peace
Solomon - Peace
Thaddeus - Heart
Theophilus - Friend of God
Titus - Title of honor
Uri - My light
Zechariah or Zacharias - God remembers
Zion - Promised, or Promised land.

Are there any you just hate... or love?


Julianna said...

How fun! It looks like you picked most of the names I would pick. Have a good weekend!

Marci said...

I was sure to included Boaz! :-D If you have more ideas... I'd love to post them.

...they call me mommy... said...

Catching up your posts, Marci! I love these names! My favorite in that list is Benjamin...we've considered that for our next baby boy, Lord-willing...dh loves Luke, but also likes Benjamin! :) Of course, I also am partial to Amos ;), heehee...(that is dh's name!)

I just recently stopped back and CMOMB and wanted you to know that your posts always best me! :)

Marci said...

I thought of you when I included Amos... it really is a nice wholesome name... :-)
I like Ezra, and just about every other one... that is the hardest part of naming... deciding. ;-)

Jen said...

I love the name Asher and the meaning behind it! Thank you so much for sharing!!