Friday, April 16, 2010

Unexpectedly "Cool" Girl Names

Now for my list of girl names... If you want a biblical girls name you are stuck in two extremes... redundantly common or so out there you can't pronounce it. Some of these are biblical or variants of biblical names, saint names and hebrew words... some aren't for the faint of heart, I fear.

Adah – Adorned
Adalia – God is just
Adela – Nobel (a saint)
Acacia – A graceful looking tree… (what the ark of the covenent is made of and overlaid with gold)
Anais – Grace (pron. Anna-ees)
Charis – Grace (greek)
Colette – People of victory (a saint)
Cora – Heart or maiden
Dorothy – Gift of God
Eden – Paradise
Evangelina or Evangeline – Messenger of good news
Faith - Faithful
Gail – Exaltation or joy of (from Abigail)
Haddassah – Myrtle tree (Esther’s Hebrew name)
Havilah – To circle or dance
Jovia - A form of "Joy."
Kezia – From a spice tree (one of Job’s daughter)
Laurel– Victorious
Louisa - Making the name of Christ famous (my interpretation)
Meryn – Wished for child, like Mary (an English saint)
Miriam– Wished for child or bitter… cool nick names “Molly” or “Mary”
Micaiah – Who is like God?
Moriah – Seen by God
Naomi – Pleasantness
Noa – Motion or movement (Hebrew) or My love (Japanese)… very unknown as a girls name, but it was the daughter of a man listed in Numbers. She asked Moses for her father's inheritance because he had no sons and succeeded.
Ruth – Friend or devoted
Selah– To meditate on or a musical notation (pron. “Say-lah”)
Shiloh – Peace
Shoshanna – Lily
Sophia - Wisdom
Susannah - Lily... notable nick names... Sanna, Suzy, Sukie (Puritan nick name, feature in rhyme "Polly put the kettle on, Sukie take it off again"
Talitha – Little girl (When Jesus raised Jarius’ daughter he said “Talitha, cumi”… “Little girl, get up”)
Theadora– God’s gift (Almost Dorothy backwards)
Verity – Truth (latin)
Zipporah – Little bird (Zippra)


...they call me mommy... said...

I LOVE Pheobe know where Paul says something like "Greet our sister Pheobe!" :) That is probably what our next girl name will be Lord willing! :) Pheobe Rose or something...LOVE THESE names! Do you like Tirzah? :)

What fun posts! I love names!

lucashannon said...

Acacia is our top girl name! I've always loved it and the uniqueness of it. :)

Marci said...

My top fav is Laurel, we almost named Cora that... but I love them all