Monday, April 26, 2010


We got away... Tim and I to Boston.
I'll write more on our experiences and my thoughts later.
Here is the proof...

Things I learned...

- People really do talk funny in Boston... Clam Chow-da.
- People in Little Italy really speak italian and it was about my favorite part, because it was so authentic and unexpected. Fo get about it!
- Paul Revere had 8 children by his first wife and 8 children by his second wife... but only 11 survived to adulthood.
- Many parts of modern day Boston are "land-fill" and weren't there in colonial times... dams keep the water level high so that it keeps the supporting logs in older buildings from rotting away.
- I don't like city noise... I am not a city girl.
- There aren't many places for kiddos to play... I guess only a mom would think about that.
- John Adams is a greatly under appreciated man.
- The men that did the Boston Tea Party didn't dress up like Native Americans... they blacked their faces (to be disguised) and carried hatchets to chop up the tea "bricks" and swept them into the sea.
- History beats it all... but I knew that.


...they call me mommy... said...

How neat! :) Last year we went to PA and ended up seeing The Liberty Bell and the VERY room were the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philly. VERY COOL! History is SOOOOOOOO neat! Glad you had a nice get-away with hubby!

Julianna said...

have a great time.

lucashannon said...

So glad you enjoyed Boston! My sister lived there for the past 7 years so I'm somewhat familiar with the city. She lived in the North End (Little Italy) and really enjoyed the neighborhood like you did! Way to go on taking a vacation without the kids. :)