Sunday, August 7, 2016

Names for New Baby

Recently, we had our big ultrasound and got to see our baby. 

We decided via unanimous decision to let it remain a mystery what the baby is... Boy or girl. Everyone is in favor of getting a brother, except Thea who will not even entertain the idea of it being anything but another sister! Time will tell. 

One thing is clear, we all think it's the most precious baby there is! 

We've been taking name ideas and here are the children's ideas that they want added to the master list! Girl names are first... 

Thea - 5 and a half 
Junior Charlie (she was insistent on this combination in this order despite reasoning from older siblings that it made no sense)

Cora - almost 8
Beatrice "Honey Bea"

Eli - 9 

Allan - 9 and a half

Addie - 11 
Lucille "Lucy" or "Lu"
Timothy "Timmy" Junior

So ... baby "Chuck" or "Honey Bea" might be joining us soon! 

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