Sunday, April 6, 2008

To Do Lists

One quirky thing about me is that I really love to make To Do Lists. I make one nearly every day, in fact. I guess it helps me organize my thoughts and not have to keep thinking and thinking about what I need to do. Sometimes I don't have clarity of thought and making a list just lets me put things down and leave my jumbled thoughts in one place were they won't continually bother me. Tim likes to make fun of this habit, but oh well. So, here is my To Do List for what I want to accomplish before this next baby arrives:
- make a new ring sling.
- make a nursing cover.
- make a new diaper bag... maybe.
- organized baby clothes. DONE!!!
- get Addie and Elias better and first time obedience (first time - every time). Working on it!!!
- read 4 books (Blue Like Jazz, There is No Me Without You, Shepherding a Child's Heart, One for book club, forget the title).
- get spare room made into a bedroom for Addie and find a new dresser for her.
- get big boy bedding for Elias.
- knit 2 booties for each boy and girls in different sizes (they only take me about 2 nights to make.)
- knit a brown baby sweater (I've never done this).
- knit a hat for both boy and girl (will take maybe a night to do).
- set up our office/nursery by our bedroom better for the baby.
- get Elias' scrapbook done up to his 1st b-day.
- get Addie's scrapbook done up to her 3rd b-day.
That is about it! We will see how I do with that! Fun projects :)

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