Sunday, September 14, 2014

Keeping Busy

Every day life has been keeping us busy... and that is a good deal when you are waiting on a baby to arrive!

3/4 of our school's families in attendance at our "non-back to school picnic."
We were missing one family due to taking an older brother to college!
Our littlest student tried to make a break for it!

We started school and got a month under our belts! Yay! 
Trying out some medieval script illumination. It is a new pastime in our house now.

We drilled a well, ours has been dry all summer, causing Tim to have to haul water from the camp a few times a day. This was the 5 ft. deep ditch we had in front of our house for a week. It was an adventure crossing it!

39 weeks! Midwife says the baby is 7 lbs. I an inclined to think closer to 8 lbs.
We will see who's right.

Our boys enjoyed their first soccer game. They lost... but both did GREAT! 
Allan scored two goals at the end of the game, and it actually made him tired. We didn't know that was possible. Eli participated and was in the thick of it the whole time and did a great job being a good sportsman! He did sit on the ball once, but it seemed necessary to keep it from being stolen!

We are anxious to get this baby here... even though I'm only 39 weeks. So we started a mild round of induction techniques... my favorite is trying out some delicious eggplant parmesan! Tim made it! Mmmm!

That's what's keeping us busy!

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