Thursday, September 19, 2013

School @ Home: Story of the World

We are studying ancient Egypt and specifically this week early writing... Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform.
We broke out our Egyptian costume I purchased at a discount costume store (and I scored a Roman soldier and girl outfit too) and we wrote our names in one of the forms of writing. Cora was the only one who wanted to try out Cuneiform. Eli had some frustration with doing his hieroglyphics and also didn't want to wear the "dress" so he just wore the crown. Allan however thought he looked pretty snazzy in the "king" outfit. And Addie said she wanted to be an Egyptian Princess for Halloween.

Then, we watched a movie that I saw on pinterest... something like "Crash Course World History" that was on youtube and suppose to be about Cuneiform. It was all cute and funny with little cartoons.. well, it was, but then it got all SUPER innappropriate in the middle!!! Sumerian kings and their wives... "snooky-doodling in bed" (or something to that effect)... then it showed them in bed... a big lump with hearts all around with squeaking noises. I was hand on the screen and paused it in about 4 seconds flat. All the kids were like, "What mom? What were they doing?" Me... "Um... I AM NOT sure... maybe an ancient ritual or practice or something??? So weird, sorry guys! Lets get out a book, books are SO much better than videos!!!"

Then, lesson learned, today I put on a National Geographic about Mummy's and Pyramids... and sat and watched it and saw it was tame... but not the whole thing. I mean, what could go wrong with architecture and looking at some mummies? Well, about 3/4ths of the way through I got a phone call, I got up to take it and literally 4 minutes later Addie came down saying that were mummifying a REAL dead person, cutting them open and taking out their stomach and stuff! Wow. 

Seriously! So I stink at this homeschool mom thing!
Nice! Not only did we cover ancient writing, pyramids but sex ed and human dissection too! 

So, don't say that homeschooled kids are sheltered... mine no longer are...
And I'll be pre-viewing all shows prior to our watching them from now on. 
Lesson learned for teacher/mom!

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