Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Keeping Baby Busy ...

Activity #1: Packing For A "Trip"

Age range: 2-4 years

To keep Thea busy, happy and out of mama's hair today she is packing for a trip (not really, just play). I got out a small child's rolling suitcase, some toys, hair stuff, a jacket, her lovie, and some books. I encouraged her to "pack" it all up for a trip and to zip it. Then she walked around pulling it behind her, sat down, unzipped, took it all out, sat in the suitcase, put on her jacket, brushed her bunny's ears, put it all back in, zipped it up and told me she was going to "da mooseeum." This joyfully kept her busy for 45 minutes!!! 

Some of the skills this activity works on...

Fine motor
Gross motor
Organization skills
Creative/imaginative play
The concepts of full or empty, pull and push, open and closed
How to work a zipper
How to put on/take off a jacket
How to plan for what you will need in leaving home.

Our "preschool" (at least prior to Pre-K) consists of activities found in this great book! Slow and Steady Get Me Ready contains weekly activities from the first week after birth (if you aren't worry about teaching your baby how to nurse or sleep...) through age 5. It is all the basic skills your child should need to be ready to start formal schooling. It works on everything from trunk control, fine motor to rhyming and observation skills! More than that, I have found it invaluable at helping me fill some of Thea's "holes" in what she lost her first year of life. It is also a wonderful resource for us to do attachment related activities that are fun and enjoyable for us both to do!

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