Thursday, March 31, 2011


Honestly, I was about to give up hope. I just doubted it would ever happen.
Much of what I do next week is contingent on this one little detail. I feared I would be spending all my time there in meetings that would come to nothing. I am still hesitant of that. But, at least now I have some hope that this might start some of the work and that I will get more time to do the work I am truly good at... Loving on my boys!

Please continue to pray that Gods will be done and Baby boy provided for.
That a miracle could be done to get him in a safer place.

Also that my trip is fruitful and much good is done as I do the work of the Spirit where I am at... Doing what He would have me do.


lucashannon said...

I don't know if I've come out and said this but I've loved being a part of your adoption journey...even if just a tiny part by reading it here on your blog. :) You are continuously in my prayers!

Sara said...

I know that adoption can be unsettling but know that God already knows the outcome of everything and He loves you and your boys very much!! Praying for you on your trip and wish that I could be there with you ladies!!!

Mindy said...

I am praying for you, but I think that you are God's way of answering many other prayers. Good luck!