Monday, March 18, 2013

To Be Honest...

It all started when I turned 33... (don't all really crummy stories start that way?)
I don't know. I haven't ever read a story that begins that way... so I will set the president!

We went out for dinner, a glorious dinner.... and ended up in the ER.

That has been how my life has been since my birthday back in November.

'Cept... I am not the sick one... and sometimes not being the sick one is the harder part. 

Ain't it the truth?

Tim isn't going to die, we think. No really. He won't, yet. 
He is just really really struggling. 
For months he has felt unlike himself and all the Doctors say, "We have NO clue what is wrong with you! Go home head case!" 

'Cept, he isn't a Head Case. He is sick.

He has been scoped, scraped, combed, cupped, poked, prodded and cracked (not like the drug).

He's had all manner of medications, acid blockers, heart throbbers, herbs, hormones and healiants shoved down his throat.

Some made him feel worse. That is icing on the big old rotten "I feel like snot" cake, isn't it... medicine that makes you feel even worse than you did before! What evil scientist cooked that up???

We have thrown out the flour, grains, and brought in the bacon and kale.
NO GMO's are in our house... we swept them out like leaven at Passover, folks! In fact, we might almost be eating Kosher?!? Yeah... almost, 'cept the bacon.

We have our children eating Paleo... Paleo people!

It is the first ever "diet" I have been on and it strictly broke my code to NEVER eat a diet with a stupid name! I have bypassed the Atkins diet, the Akia Berry craze, and a million others. Year 33 is one to go down in history, folks! 

I am on a diet with a stupid name... because I love my husband and his skinny butt!

The skinny... it is my husband. He is almost down to MY weight! Heck, I am loosing weight just so he doesn't match me! That is the ONLY reason! I might have to start WORKING OUT!!! Just to keep ahead of him... and since I am on the Paleo-Shmaleo diet I might as well jump on the whole Crossfit bandwagon! I have put off calling my "trainer" for a few weeks... "because I am busy." I told you I was going to be honest. And sweet, cute Trainer... I am sorry. I think I need to work through my personal heart issues before I come to you or it could get ugly if I have to lift weights... really ugly.

And... it gets worse!

I am going gray! Like 15 hairs right on my part line, sticking straight up waving at everyone... 
"Hey, look at me! I am a gray hair! Marci is 33 and going gray!!!" 

Back to the point... My cute, skinny hubs is slowly getting better. Smile!

It is his "adrenals".
His adrenal gland fatigue is giving ME adrenal gland fatigue!
It is "catching".... not really, but it feels like it!

He also has low this and low that. 
Even the "real" Doctor's agree that "that" shouldn't be that low and that "this" isn't in a good range.

Nice. Thank you! So good you figured that out!

But when will my husband be himself again? I miss him. I am lonely. I don't want to be a nursemaid my whole life!!! (Note: I just watched the Episode in Downton Abbey where poor Edith gets jilted and I wanted to use that phrase ever so badly!!!!) 

I am really ok with being a "nursemaid"... I am 33, after all, and that is all one can hope for at this age... Ok, speaking "Downton Abbey" again... sometimes I want to talk to my children like I was Lady Grantham all day. That would be good for me in so many ways. I could dress them up in little liveries too (those are little service uniforms if you don't know) and have them come when I ring a bell and call me "Ma' Lady."

To be honest... that is my life right now.

I really do have SO many more things than homeschooling or adoption on my mind... I just doubt anyone really cares to hear about it. 


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I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I did! Totally get the Adrenal stuff!!! Look up Dr. Charles Eckert in the KC area. He's a chiropractor and he changed my life! Seriously! He knows his stuff with adrenals and he had a clue for me when the whole medical community did not!!