Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Curricula Scope and Sequence Plan

I have always felt super uneasy (panicky) "just winging it" every year... it is the traditional school teacher in me!

Part of what prompted me to make a plan was that we have made the brave or fateful choice to go it on our own and try Story of the World next year... since we were given the entire set and series for free!!!

I felt SOTW required that I make my own plan for literature (because I think this is needed to make it a full curricula for us) and to do some additional planning that Sonlight (our previous curriculum) does in advance.

Since you can't beat free, and we'd be using Story of the World for primary and then potentially moving  back to Sonlight I felt the need to make a plan for my own benefit so I could know what is coming next and ensure that over the course of our children's education all the bases are covered.

I just finished developing our Curricula Scope and Sequence for K-8th grade.

I am actually really pleased with how it all pans out! I like how we get to use our free curricula and also Sonlight later on. This is the best of both worlds!

I know plans and such can be strangling for some... but for me...

~It helps me have a plan and allows me to relax.
~It helps me to see what is next.
~It gives me a birds eye view so that I know I am covering all the things I want to cover over my children's elementary and middle school years.
~It also helps me try to combine the eventual 4 levels I may have to cover (if Cora isn't able to be with the boys for some reason).
~I also made grade level subject lists of what I want the children to learn at each grade and the possible curricula/program we'd used.

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