Thursday, September 9, 2010


During the summer I do 2 crafty things... and usually only 2.

1. A craft exchange... this year I did a necklace for a friend who wears nice earthy colors and textures. So I made her a beaded necklace with silk tyed back. (Sorry a bit fuzzy).

2. We have "prayer partners" every year at camp and mine was a sweet young lady who I made this funky crocheted cap.

I am planning on making 6 knit hats, and 4 tiered skirts this fall! Time to get going... fall is coming!


Julianna said...

I love the hat. Great colors.

Shannon said...

What a cute hat! I wish I could be that crafty...someday when the kids are bigger :) I'm excited to find your blog!

Marci said...

Its just cheap therapy. :-)

Jolene said...

Marci! Love your hat! Do you knit too or just crochet?? I recently posted some of the stuff I've been crafty with too. I so agree, it is definitely cheap therapy!

Hope you all are doing well!