Monday, November 8, 2010

School This Week

We've struggled for at least 4 weeks to maintain a minimum amount of consistency with school... we've had lots of family come visit (which is always amazing), been sick and just busy. But, it all adds up to major inconsistency.

That said, I am AMAZED how well Addie and Elias are doing...
Addie is starting to read quite well... blending sounds with more ease. She has a generally good attitude and does well in everything!

Elias, well, he continually surprises me. I guess his slower verbal abilities has always made me think he isn't learning as quickly either... but that just isn't true... it is all in there! He can trace beautifully, knows lots of concepts, honestly, that I have never taught him and he is just coming out and showing me all these things he knows and can do! It is a wonderful surprise... and to think I wouldn't get to experience that if he weren't learning at home... what a sad thought.

This Week's Plans

Read Aloud: When We Were Very Young by AA Milne

Book Unit Study: Corduroy... learning how to sew on a button, the muscular system, and an art project.

Pan and the Mad Man!!! (Among other things.)

Math: Telling time to the hour, 1 Cent, Using Dominoes for counting

Bible: What does it mean to HONOR God?


Mountain Family said...

Looks like a great plan for a great week of school!


Julianna said...

I love plans and how God changes them. :)