Monday, June 23, 2014

Story of the World #2: Middle Ages Online Audio Book Listening List!!!

It is just the beginning of summer but I am already getting ramped up for our next school year. 
I have been excited about this level of Story of the World since I first learned about it! 


What I haven't been so excited about is saving up to buy all the amazing literature I would ideally like us to have to explore this section of history. Money, money, money! However, I've found that there are TONS of amazing resources for FREE online!!!  Here is my first installment of SOTW #2 Online Resources... Free Audio Literature!

Online Listening List...

Ch. #1 - The Glory that was Rome

Ch. #2 - The Early Days of Britain
Our Island Story Part 1 - Ch. 5-6 
Celtic Fairy Tales *
Beowulf Audio Book*
Stories of Beowulf Told to Children

Ch. #3 - Christianity Comes to Britain

Ch. #4 - The Byzantine Empire

Ch. #5 - The Medieval Indian Empire

Ch. #6-7 - The Rise of Islam and Islam Becomes an Empire

Ch. #8 - The Great Dynasties of China

Ch. #9 - East of China (Japan and Korea)

Ch. #10 - The Bottom of the World

Ch. #11 and 13 - Kingdom of the Franks and The Great Kings of France

Ch. #14 - Arrival of the Norsemen

Ch. #15 - First Kings of England

Ch. #16 - England After the Conquest

Ch. #17 - Knights and Samurai

Ch. #18 - Age of Crusades

Ch. #19 - A New Kind of King

Ch. #21-22 - Mongols and The Silk Road

Ch. #23 - The First Russians

Ch. #25 - The End of the World (The Black Plague)

Ch. #26 - France and England at War 

Ch. #27 - War for the English Throne

Ch. #29 - African Kingdoms

Ch. #30 - India Under the Moghuls
The Jungle Book  *

Ch. #31 - Exploring New Worlds

Ch. #32 - American Kingdoms

Ch. #33 - Spain, Portugal and the New Worlds

Ch. #34 - Martin Luther's New Ideas

Ch. #35 - Renaissance

Ch. #36 - Reformation and Counter Reformation

Ch. #38 - England's Greatest Queen

Ch. #39 - England's Greatest Playwright

Ch. #40-41 - Exploring the New World

Ch. #42 - Empires Collide


Additional Info...
I really prefer Librivox to most other online audio book sites, as it is FREE, classic/public domain literature, easy to search, is fairly good quality and has a wide variety of resources for children! Nearly all I've listed are via Librivox. Librivox also lists the chapter titles when you go to click to listen and most of the chapters describe the topic fairly well so that you can apply it to a correct SOTW chapter... but I can't be sure until I listen to them as our school year progresses. Also, at times some of the audio book readers are harder to listen to than others, and we simply move on if we are struggling to listen to them or the chosen book.

I've marked all the resources I've personally listened to (at least in part) with a *.  I tend to find EVERY resources I can and mark it down in our planner with the understanding some will be flops,  over my children's level or just not enjoyed. We then cut them out of our list and move on to the next thing, no sweat!

Some of the books I've included are not historical. I've included fictional and fantasy that seem to capture the thematic qualities of SOTW Volume #2 and I've filled them in under chapters that we have less resources and reading for just for our personal enjoyment!

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