Saturday, August 20, 2016

Things on my Home Birth List that aren't on my Midwife's List

Typically when you give birth at home your midwife gives you a list of Home Birth Supplies. On it are things like: a heating pad, trash bags, bowls, 3 sets of sheets, 10 towels, a birth kit...

However, I've added a few things to my list and this is what I find additionally necessary to have on hand for birth and soon after...

5 brand new wash rags and 2 new bath towels... new because no one wants a scratchy old nubby washrag on your forehead during the throws of labor ... get some that are soft and new. Plus, it's unlikely they will "get ruined"... just wash them!

Stuff to make my ideal post birth meal... Smoothy, egg and peanut butter toast. Best ever!!!  And easy for a tired daddy or midwife to make at any hour!

A dimmer switch in your main birthing area/s... just trust me on this one! It's genius. We have a dimmer switch in our bathroom and bedroom and it comes in handy for late night nursing or a-hem... other things!

A strawed water bottle... I like these >>>>>

A yoga pad... this is handy for if you have to kneel. We have concrete floors and it is nice for those kneeling around our tub helping me too.

A "daddy labor do list"... Look here.  So during my last birth I made this list and felt like my "organizing/nesting tendencies" might have gone overboard. But, the morning after the birth I looked over and saw the emergency hospital transfer bag sitting by the front door and I nearly started to cry... my husband had followed the list!!! And when I asked him about it his response was, "I was just so glad to have something to go by and know what I ought to do and to know how you wanted things, so I wasn't guessing or forgetting things." Later my midwife requested a copy to share with her other clients... she said, "This might just save some marriages." 

Pre-made thank you and sustaining supplies for your birth team... I don't usually have long drawn out births. So I usually make my team a supply mug. It contains: new mug, thank you card, honey straws,  coffee, tea, bag of almonds and directions to where other food is. I don't think they even made themselves coffee last time during my 4 hour birth, but they did take them home! 

A fan... even in the winter it's nice not to be overheating. They will turn if off once baby is soon to come and warm up the room. 

Music... or not. I always make a playlist, but usually have them turn it off soon after because "it bugs me." 

Easy to digest comfort food for during labor and a few frozen nourishing meals for after... Early in labor I always try to eat a meal, if only to get something in me to help me through. Usually it's something like chicken noodle soup. After I have my post birth meal (above) but having something else is nice too... if you freeze a few meals just get one out (or put it on daddy's to do list) and it will likely be thawed and ready to eat post birth!

Extra TP, paper towels, trash bags, ziplock baggies, dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other basics... Because who has time to go get basics when you have a new baby to snuggle? Stock up! And don't forget to splurge on PAPER PLATES AND PLASTIC CUPS! Because, its nice to take a break from dishes too!

Herbal sitz bath... During my last birth my assisting midwife made a huge pot of the herbals sitz bath (that came in my birth kit) and steeped it up on the stove. On her way out she said, "Don't forget the bath tea is on your stove in the big pot." The next day I put it in a gallon milk jug and used it in my baths and mostly in my peri bottle to wash myself off with... it rocked!

Happy home birth and laying in! 

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