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Story of the World #3: Early Modern ~ Online Audio Book List !!!

For the last 2 years our family has been going through Story of the World for our core curriculum and we are loving nearly every moment of it! Our first year was ANCIENTS and this past year was the MIDDLE AGES.

One of the things we've all enjoyed is listening to other texts and literature that compliment our chapter topics each week. Sometimes it is poetry, fairy tales, more information on a specific person or a novel from that period of time... what makes it even better is our sources are FREE and audio books (I DON'T HAVE TO READ THEM!!!)

Stuff to know about these lists...

- I haven't listened to all of the links/books provided. It is on you to to ensure it is a good source for your students.
- Many of the links provided contains content that is sensitive and disturbing to children (or really everyone)... Slavery, Trail of Tears, Plagues, Opium and Wars abound in this time period.
- Some of the topics and books don't directly apply to that week's topic... but generally that is what I was shooting for.

I've marked each book I haven't personally previewed with - *?*
I've marked the books I know contain material that requires parental intervention with - *!*

Online Listening List

Chapter #1: A World of Empires

Chapter #2: Protestant Rebellions
Historic Girlhoods - Ch. 6 *?*

Chapter #3: James the King of Two Countries
Story of Mankind - Ch. 45 
50 Famous Stories - Ch. 17 
Historic Girlhoods - Ch. 7 *?*

Chapter #4: Searching the Northwest Passage

Chapter #5: Warlords of Japan
Chapter #10: Far East of Europe

Chapter #6: New Colonies of the New World
This Country of Ours III - Ch. 22 and  34
Historic Girlhoods - Ch. 8 *?*

Chapter #7: The Spread of Slavery

Chapter #9: The Western War

Chapter #11: The Moghul Emperors of India

Chapter #12: Battle, Fire and Plague in England

Chapter #13: The Sun King of France

Chapter #14: The Rise of Prussia
A Pioneer Hero - Johnny Appleseed (off topic, but listening to it here) *?*

Chapter #15: A New World in Conflict

Chapter #16: The West

Chapter #17: Russia Looks West

Chapter #18: East and West Collide
Chapter #19: The English in India

Chapter #20: The Imperial East

Chapter #21: Fighting over North America

Chapter #22: Revolution

Chapter #23: The New Country

Chapter #24: Sailing South

Chapter #25: Revolution Gone Sour

Chapter #26: Catherine the Great
Historic Girlhoods - Ch. 9 *?*

Chapter #27: A Changing World
Story of Mankind - Ch. 57 and 60

Chapter #28: China and the Rest of the World
(Still looking)

Chapter #29: Napoleon

Chapter #30: Freedom in the Caribbean

Chapter #31: A Different Kind of Rebellion

Chapter #32: An Opened West - Lewis and Clark

Chapter #33: The End of Napoleon

Chapter #34: Freedom for S. America
Chapter #35: Mexican Independence

Chapter #36: The Slave Trade Ends

Chapter #37: Troubled Africa
Our Island Story II - Ch. 109 and 110

Chapter #38: American Tragedies

Chapter #39: China Adrift 
(Still looking)

Chapter #41: New Zealand and Her Rulers
(Still looking)

Chapter #40: Mexico and Her Neighbor
(Still looking)

Chapter #42: The World of 49 - Gold Rush

Previous Listening Lists

Level #1: ANCIENTS 

~ Enjoy! ~

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