Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Green Home

It's cold and icy. But there is a little home that is green and warm where things grow. 

Little things are sprouting.
Bigger things are producing fruit.
Little by little every day.

Fish and plants work together to thrive.
The big aquaponics is new and we are just getting the water established with proper levels of nutrients.

The blue tank is thriving and the chard is proof... Brighter colors speak of its happiness and nourishment.

Bok Choy just used in our kitchen was then transplanted from our local grocer finds a place to grow and have another chance at fruitfulness.

Celery grows again. A rebirth of sorts.

Our first broccoli grows up toward the light.

The tomatoe "tree"... A combined growing mass of life. Six plants have taken up their own empire in a corner. I use to hate the smell of tomatoe plants... Now it is a fresh and inviting perfume to my nose.

Eggplant kingdom... Still no fruit! We wait in expectancy. Hoping for something to grow where only space is taken.

A heavy fruit, nearly ready. Pink and purple tomatoes are my new obsession.

They grow close together, up a stake and around uplifting stabilizers.
If grown in their own way they'd rot on the ground.

My little green "home" is an oasis!
It's teaching me skills and applications for my own little home.

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Jennifer Ronco said...

That is just inspiring!