Monday, October 12, 2015

~ Non-Biblical “Christian” Baby Names ~

I love baby names! 

It's for sure, one of my favorite things about having a new baby (other than the baby, of course)!

Often people don't desire to use Biblical names, but may still desire to pick a name that is rooted in the blessing of God's providence through history. 

Here are some (generally) non-biblical, yet still, distinctly Christian names... mostly after saints, missionaries, theologians and heroes of our faith!

Enjoy looking up these people and seeing the hand of God in their lives and how they were used in their time for His glory and the good of others!

~ Girl ~
Adelina - Princess and missionary to Germanic people
Agatha - Saint
Agnes - Young girl martyred under Diocletian
Amy - Amy Carmichael
Anne - Anne Askew
Bernice - Saint
Betsey - Betsey Stockton, former slave and missionary to Hawaii
Bridget - Founder of Irish Monasteries
Charlotte “Lottie” - Lottie Moon
Clare - of Assisi
Corrie - Corrie Ten Boom
Edith - Edith Schaeffer
Elisabeth - Elisabeth Elliot, missionary, speaker, writer
Evangeline - Evangeline Booth
Florence - Florence Young or Nightingale
Gladys - Gladys Aylward missionary to China
Harriet - Harriet Tubman
Helena - Saint
Margaret - Queen of Scotland
Susannah - Susannah Wesley
Theodora - Saint

~ Boy ~
Adoniram - Adoniram Judson missionary to Burma
Ambrose - Saint doctor
Augustine - St. Augustine of Hippo
Birch - John Birch missionary to China and martyr
Bonhoeffer - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Boniface - Early missionary to Germanic people
Calvin - John Calvin
Carey - William Carey
Carver - George Washington Carver
Clive - C.S. Lewis
Edwards - Jonathan Edwards
Elliot - James Elliot, missionary to South America and martyr
Foxe - John Foxe
Haddon - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Hudson - Hudson Taylor
Jerome - Jerome Savonarola 
Knox - John Knox
Patrick or Patricus - St. Patrick
Ridley - Nicholas Ridley
Spurgeon - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Tertullian - Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus
Tyndale - William Tyndale
Wycliffe - John Wycliffe
Wilberforce - William Wilberforce, abolitionist


AJ said...

I LOVE names too! And we are trying to figure out the right middle name for our girl Shiloh (means peace), to be born next month! Lots of thinking and praying happening here! :)

Marci said...

I like it! Very lovely! Hope you find the perfect middle to be the sugar on top AJ!