Monday, October 12, 2015

Silly Notions & a Bunting for Birthday Girl

I am not big on going "over the top" on birthdays... but I wanted so badly to make something fun for our lil' Whitty's 1st birthday.

So... I made a Bunting ~ Banner ~ Tassel ~ Thingy! 

The crazy thing is that it cost me NOTHING!

Not one dime!

Basically, a few years ago my great aunt went through all of her sewing notions and her sister-in-laws. 
She gave them all to me. Hundreds of spools of thread... every color.
Buttons galore! Oh, the buttons!

And Notions! 
Bias tape.

I've considered selling them on etsy... but who has time for that?

For years I've kept this ridiculous amount of bias tape, lace hem, ric rac and scrap fabric that I never really intended on using or had a plan for .... until it occurred to me just how lovely the gold, pink and teal that comprised the majority of the notions would look together!

I wonder what they were making with that gold ric rac? 
Wise man Christmas pageants come to mind! 
Tacky tacky tacky!

And I wonder over and over when that $25 ric race was made! 
Wright's brand.

I looked to see if it said... nope.

Then there is this beauty... Baby pink raw silk used to make the skirts for my brides maids.
Don't ask why I picked pink... I don't know. 
I don't even like pink that much! 

But it all worked together to make this lovely ... dare I say... Beautiful!

That lace on the end with the daisies KILLS me!

And it was the perfect back drop for a birthday girl!

Don't you think the gold ric rac is the BEST? 
Just so perfectly girly!

The moral of the story...

If you are given some "silly notions" save them... 
One day you will find the inspiration and figure out exactly what they were made for!

~ The End ~

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