Friday, June 14, 2013

Why I Quit Facebook

Deep down I think Facebook is sort of dumb.

A few weeks ago I make the choice to deactivate my Facebook account.
I know!
Huge deal!

See, I really loath Facebook.
I always have.
I live/ed by the motto... In Real Life.
But it sucked me in!
I went in deep some time during the middle of our adoption process... because it was a "tool."

I know. I helps connect people.
I tried to convince myself of that too.
It did help me a whole lot while we were bringing our kids home.
I don't think I could have done the literal adoption with out Facebook.

But, then again, I am realizing more and more that my life and Facebook do not exist well together.

Here is why I think Facebook is dumb...

Reason #1
Have you ever had that awkward thing happen when you know something about someone because of Facebook. Then you see them in person and they start telling you about what you already know, and you listen to it (again) and then you are like, "Yeah... That is so great... I saw that on facebook..." Awkward moments arise as you both sort of stare at each other thinking things like, "I wonder what else she knows about me that I don't remember..." or "I hope they don't think I spend too much time on Facebook because I remembered that..."
Facebook is a kill-joy. That is dumb... it is always better to hear good or bad things from people in person.

Reason #2
Really the biggest reason I think facebook is dumb is because it is a distraction from more important things. Sure, anything can be. And this is why I didn't deactivate sooner... because I kept saying to myself, "Girl, you just need to be more self-controlled." A facebook friend (how ironic is that) once said that it should be called FaceCrack. I just got to the place where I realized that I have way too much on my plate to include something as dumb and distracting as Facebook in my life. I have children for that.

Reason #3
Most of my best friends either aren't on facebook or I never interact with them via it... so, why spend time with people (via FB) that I never invest time in outside of it... sad, but true. Love you FB friends! Seek me out in person! Lets take our relationship a baby step deeper... via email?

Reason #4
I hate that blue color. It is about the ugliest color of blue on this earth... They should have picked teal or dark plum. You are agreeing with me right now... it is a huge part of what makes Facebook dumb.

Reason #5
I got to thinking... "What if Addie was 13 and spent as much time on FB as I do now..." It was enough to make me want to gag and throw my computer out the front door.

Reason #6
I get sick of how FB makes me feel. I would fluctuate between feeling "bored" with out it, feeling shame/guilt for spending time on it, or feeling panicked about the things/articles I read that my "friends" posted on it. Now my parents just tell me... I went weeks with out knowing Obama has stripped away our personal freedoms. Ignorance is bliss... just joking.  Additionally, I've always been sort of skeptical that FB isn't just a simplified forum for people to promote the image of themselves they want others to see... instead of their real selves. All the people I like best in the world are pretty much shamelessly real and honest people.

While I still believe social network is "In Real Life"... I think I would like to look in someones face and hear their voice a bit more during this season of my life.

Plus, Addie is 8.
I have about 8 more years if I am lucky until she (may potentially) get a cell phone...
I want to savor this season, this one is about not be distracted.

Honestly... I haven't missed it.

Why do you think FB is dumb?

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