Thursday, June 13, 2013

She Can Laugh?

Long ago I started this blog with the theme from Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

Those three words resonated with me... both who I am and who I desire to be... She can laugh. 
Not, "She will laugh"
Or, "She must laugh"
But, "She CAN..."

Today I cried.
I do that, as well as laughing, often.
It is hard.

It is nice to know that I CAN laugh. Not because I have to, but because God has clothed me with strength and dignity that are His own. I can because my strength and dignity don't rest on my circumstances. I possess nothing but rags, filthy and worn. He, however, has clothed me with what I need to be able to laugh at the days I am currently in and those to come.

Last night I watched a riveting documentary on netflix called "Mugabe and the White African" (Wow, a must watch!) Basically it is about a family of white African's who have lived in an African nation who has a dictator who is trying to "rid" the nation of all "white's" and to take the land they have owned for generations... and give it to "the people" but in a very nepotistic way. I kept thinking, "How is this family not utterly shaken? How are they not falling apart at the seams?" What struck me was the young wife... while she certainly wasn't laughing at the blatant racial persecution and near genocidal type of struggles they are dealing with. She was, however strong and dignified. Her face was serious, but she had a boldness and resolution that was etched in her weathered face. She was broken... but not blowing the the winds of turmoil that were around her. She was confident...

Can She Laugh?

Thoughts on a hard day.

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