Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Ticket Home

I've been plugging out our kid's "ticket home"... well one of them.

The file of documents you send to a nation to proceed through court is called a dossier ("doh-see-ay").
Silly I know. Tim said, "Could we please call it something else, I feel stupid saying that."
So we are calling it...


I am nearly finished with "THE FILE."

As far as dossier's go, Uganda's is quite simple. Others are notoriously difficult.

I have one outstanding document... then I have to get about a kigillian papers notarized. It is seriously about 120 pages. In reality we have two dossiers because of 2 children that are unrelated and that requires two separate hearing in court.

That also includes extras for emergencies and some extraneous documents the court might ask for... they do that from time to time I hear.

Then we work on getting immigration approval, getting our dossier filed in Uganda and getting a court date.
Easy peasy... haha, not so much!

The next steps are the daunting ones.
Then there are about 3 more after that.

Don't get me thinking about finalizing in the US yet or tax reimbursements... I'll pass out!

But I don't want to get ahead of myself.
For today, I feel like I got some big things done!
And that is satisfying even with the knowledge that their is lots more to do...

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