Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Biggest!

Happy Birthday Addie!!!
Today Adelynn Ruth turns SIX years old!

Holy smokes... I know all my children are THE most beautiful God created... but seriously people would stop me to oogle this baby! It got annoying! She was sweet and sassy from day 1!

Dear Addie,

Addie, there isn't a day that I am not a better person for having had you placed in my life. You challenge me to be the mother God wants me to be. From day one you came out with ideas and a will for the way you want things to be. We've both learned a lot from that. At one point, sweet girl, I thought, "Oh Lord, it is only by your grace I can raise this baby to be a girl that belongs to you." And you know what, He has been faithful!

Every day you are growing, learning and becoming a girl that belongs to God. I love to see you love others more than yourself, I know it is hard, but it is always good isn't it! I love to see you caring and nurturing others, being a cheerleader for others and always wanting others to feel welcome and safe! Your heart is so precious! I know God has plans for you... and I can't wait to see what they are!

You are the BEST big sister! You are so loving to Elias and Cora and they look up to you and copy all you do. Do you see that? Cora and you will have a lifelong relationship, she can be your best friend, always go to her first, she is a treasure to you. Elias loves you so much too, he would marry you if he could, that means you are one of the most special people in his life! What a blessed girl you are! And soon you'll have a new brother and sister to love and be best friends with! You are a special girl to both mommy and daddy! We praise God for you, your sweet smile and sweet ways. I love to hear your questions, to see how you think and to see your BIG heart for others. You have a lot of compassion in your little heart!

Addie, daddy and I have always known God gave us you to be our leader, He wanted you to come first! Keep learning, keep trusting God, keep calm and carry on, keep going to Him when you don't think you are able, and always LOVE!

I love you SO much!

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