Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day

Once a year, the first week of camp I have a genuine (epic) "Hump Day."
Things are just hard.
People are just tired.
We are just getting back in the swing of doing this thing called "Family at Camp".

I didn't sleep at all last night because I am worried about a family member.
We all got up as the chickens-were-still-warm-on-their-perch early to go to Devo... which was 100% worth it because it was so what I needed to hear!
My husband made me the best "bullet-proof" coffee, which is the only coffee I can drink with out suffering the wrath of caffeine... but then I left it on our Yukon and my brand new (beautiful) travel container got crushed to smithereens as Tim drove off.
Thea wet her diaper so much this morning it puddled up on the floor under her (she is ready to be potty trained and is "staying dry"... then gushing it).
Baby sitter called and asked is she "had" to change Thea's stinky diaper... "Um... not unless you want to keep smelling it." (Totally didn't say that, but thought it.)

Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference.

Some sweet staff brought my Lyme's Disease riddled husband a plate full of bacon and some lemonade.
A church friend came by to ask me how I was... in a truly genuine way.
Cora woke up this morning saying, "Mom, I'll be a better girl today." Seriously.
Campers who say during crafts, "Do I get to take this craft home?"
I stashed this little goody aside for such a time as this... Reed's Ginger Ale... it is Uganda in a bottle.

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