Tuesday, October 2, 2012

True Story Tuesdays

Babysitter to Cora: What would you do if you caught the coyote? (We have one roaming around our property).
Cora to a babysitter: I would cook him up and eat him! I would share him with all my friends! I would share him with Jacob and Jenny (the babysitter and her husband) and even Allan and Eli... and God!

Our chickens have been named by the children.
Here is the names of each child's chickens... and they really do go around calling them this... and surprisingly they know who each chicken is (it wasn't like they just made them up to be silly on the moment).

Chicken on a Stick (this is a common Ugandan roadside food)

Rosie Pig
Clucky II

Fuzzy Ball

Princess Lolly Pop
Just Princess

Recently someone donated a small sail boat to the camp.
Tim asked the kids, "Well all we need to do now is name it... any ideas?"
Immediately Elias piped up and said "I know! We should name it... Big Ol' Floaty!"
So... it is Big Ol' Floaty.

Cora and Thea were sitting snuggling me under a blanket.
Thea sort of pulled the blanket off Cora and Cora sort of scolded Thea saying, "Thea don't take the blanket.
Thea looked at me and said clear as a bell, "Mom! Cora rude me!"
Yeah she is 20 months old.

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