Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cora's Coming... 10.09.08

Dear Cora,
Four years ago I was working like mad trying to get a baby into this world! It was 10.09.08 and I was really hopeful you'd be born on that date. Things took a long time! But eventually you came. You were the only one to be born at home, in a huge tub of warm water... and you were the biggest! 8 lbs. 10 oz. You came out complete with chubby cheeks and dark brown hair! Every thing about you my sweet Cora was a surprise! And you know what? Your mommy loves a good surprise. When you finally made it here I didn't even think... "What did we have..." I didn't much care what you were at that point, but when daddy said, "What did we have, a girl or a boy?" and the midwife said, "It's a girl!" we were thrilled. When Mummum told Addie she had a baby sister, she was so excited she started to cry! We all love you Cora! 

One BIG girl!

Getting some sun... 2 days old.

Look at her cheeks... she had chub on top of chub.

You are a big girl now!
You aren't a baby or the littlest sister. You are the big sister, you watch out for Thea. You play so gently and loving with her. You are a helper! You are doing school just like your big brothers... and keeping up so well! You are working on the things that are hard for you!

I am so thankful God gave us a wonderful surprise like you!
We thank God that you make us laugh.
We thank God for making you to be genuinely yourself.
I thank God that you are still mommy's side kick!
We thank God for your expressions.
We love you!


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