Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hair ~ Tastrophy

Addie rushes Thea in... "MOM! Thea's HAIR!!!"
Tim seeing it first... "Oh wow! Check out the back of Thea's head!"
Me... "Oh no!?! How did that happen?"
Addie... "She fell off the swing backwards..." 
(Evidently, her 'fro padded the fall... not at all hurt, thank goodness!)

Epic hairTASTROPHY! 
It was all back to normal after picking out all the big mulch, laying her on a towel on the counter and washing it with the sprayer (which she LOVED and laughed about). Then a good condition and detangle and I styled the top. Tonight I'll do the back, after her nap.

I decided that free-hair and free-play don't mix.

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