Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Return of the Chore Packs

When Addie was about as old as Cora I made her a Chore Pack... it worked.
Then they got destroyed and I tried other methods. None that really worked and worthy of mention.
Recently I revived the method of the Chore Pack and spend a day getting all our areas in shape (at once) and took photos of how I wanted them to look and printed out each of the 4 older children a packet of chores.

I  hole punched one side, put a c-ring in the hole and hung them on ribbon to make a necklace for each child. They are hung in a spot in our house and must be in that spot when done with chores or the offender gets an extra chore.

The chores included for EACH child... each chore has a corresponding photo of that item or place in the state I want it:
Get dressed - with personal photo (of them dressed) :-) So that they know it is their chore pack.
Wash hands, face and brush hair
Brush teeth
Make bed
Pick up bedroom
Put away clothes (clean drawer and hamper area)

Person specific chores divided between children:
Allan - Pick up living room
Eli - Pick up school room
Cora - Wipe off table
Cora - Pick up stair way
Eli and Allan - Friday Chore: Clean out car)
Addie - Sweep floor
Addie - Switch laundry
Addie - Wipe up bathroom
Feed animals (the boys on goats and chickens, Cora on dog, Addie on hermit crab and newt)

This morning I heard running... I woke to commotion... And then I went upstairs and saw this...

A perfectly clean bathroom! 

And... children dressed, beds made, laundry switched... every chore done... 
before I even got out of bed!


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