Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chore Packs - An Independent Chore Help

I've been working for a few months trying to figure out a way to help Addie, age 4, to do chores independently and with minimal supervision. However, with out one-on-one guidance she just wasn't able to remember each chore and to have the self control to do a job, come back to the chore chart and do another. That's when I read in Twenty and Counting by the Duggar Family and about their chore system for their little ones. They make a ringed chore pack; it has picture and word instructions that the child can hook to a necklace or belt loop...a portable chore chart! (I know I am getting WAY too excited about this).  Addie has 2 chore packs, one red and one blue. The red one is for before breakfast, and to be done completely by her self. It has chores like; throw away pull-up, make bed, put clothes in hamper, pick up bedroom, pick up play room and brush teeth. I then spot check these before she can sit down to breakfast. 
After breakfast we take out the blue ringed chore pack and I see which of them she needs to do. They contain these chores; wash off table, wipe out sink, vacuum crumbs around table, dust a room, switch laundry into dryer or basket, empty dishwasher silverware. She usually always does the silverware and laundry, and I choose one other task for her to do.  The first few days I walked her through how to do each chore, how to make her bed, how to wipe out the sink and all the steps of each. Then I watched her do it and gave feed back and reminders. As of this week she can pretty much do them independently. Of course her bed isn't made perfectly, but it is tidy and the effort was made! 
So far we are viewing these as expected daily tasks that don't receive a reward or compensation. However, when she does an exceptionally good job she gets reward of some kind!  


Megan said...

What a great idea! I am going to do this with my big kids!!!

susan said...

Marci ~ Your children are blessed to have you as their mom!

Vanessa said...

Hello Marci. It's Vanessa from CMOMB. So funny that I found your blog searching for "make own chore packs" :D We are going to try making these soon. My oldest already does chores when I tell him too but it will be good to have ones that he does each day and can do several "on his own" without my verbal cue. Thanks!