Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miller Home School - Accepting Students

Our Pre-K is open and running. Classes that are offered are Phonics, Handwriting, Basic Skills and Biblical Studies, with electives Art and Unit Book Studies. We use only the best curriculum and offer hands on, interactive teaching. Our first student is enjoying the stimulating and academically rigorous learning environment. 
Recently we opened up a short learning period for toddlers and babies. We use a Center Based approach to teaching basic skills. Each center stimulates fine motor skills, enhances the memory and promotes self-control and sitting skills. We currently offer 12 centers that teach colors, shapes, counting, writing and sorting. 
Our infant program is the best out there. Each baby is offered direct one-on-one play time and lots of loves and kisses. We include them in all the other advanced courses because we firmly believe they absorb and retain more than can be measured. With the added benefit that they are happy and content through out the day. 
We are glad to share our exemplary program and are assured that you will see the superior quality of our learning environment! 
(I am just being silly. I am not starting a school...just starting up homeschooling Addie and making fun of the fact that I could start a school because we have enough children to fill it :-) 

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