Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Hands are Full.

I feel full.
I have always ((hated)) when people say,
"Your hands sure are full, aren't they honey..."

They are full.
There I said it.

There is so much to do.
Marriage. Love. Grace.
Little People. Love. Grace.
School. Education. Basics.
Camp. Relationships. Ministry.

All thing things I NEED to do. Dishes. Keeping us stocked and fed.
All the things I SHOULD. "Quiet Time." Being "there" for people.
All the things I PLANNED to do. Sewing. Baby books. Milking Goats.

Internal scream of angst!

But, my life is full.
My hands are holding what God has poured from his riches into them.

Riches are heavy. They have weight and substance that requires much of me.

It requires growth. My arms and heart and mind to become stronger and more resilient.
The weight of his riches makes me able to bear crosses of pain and struggle later on.
It makes me fit for what I am intended.

My hands are full.
Like a bowl.
Ready to be poured out.

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love this! You spoke my heart almost exactly. (Minus the goat milking, I've never wanted/needed to milk a goat.) I am the mother of 6 kiddos aged 11 down to 8 months. My husband and I also feel called to adopt, but are waiting for the timing to be right for our family. People think we're crazy, but we're not. We are absolutely blessed! Thank you for your words and for your example.