Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Year Ago... Allan's Forever Family Day

I don't know the words to express how much I am feeling this week.
Maybe they just don't exist?

A year ago this week we got on a plane, flew about 8,000 miles... and went to meet our boy, Allan!

All week long Tim and I have been saying things like,
"A year ago today I saw him..."
"A year ago today was the worst day of my life." (ie court)
"A year ago today we were buying that over priced soccer ball and not batting an eye."

A friend of mine is about to deliver her first baby. We went to get her some goodies and I thought, "About a year ago I was looking for the biggest 'newborn' clothes, in size 5T... and it was still just as exciting, sweet and enjoyable!" My friend said, "Do you wash your newborns clothes and dream about putting it on them like I do?" I thought... "Yep and a 5 year old baby boy too..."

I am all sentiment.
I am all thankful.
I am all joy!

I can't express it.
I can't express how thankful I am to Ug@nda for allowing us the opportunity to be Allan's parents!
I can't express how sweet and good this year has been.
I can't express how much I know it was ALL God and NONE of me!

I know I did a crummy job of documenting our time getting Isaiah Allan Kizito home... while we were doing it... so I am hoping to post a bit more now.

But until then... here is how he has changed and grown in a year... 

Allan has grown almost 4 inches in the past year!
His eyes are "alive" and not full of fear.
He is speaking English in full sentences and sharing his own thoughts!
He still hates cheese, and loves rice, beans and chicken... and hamburgers.
He can ride a bike with out training wheels, is a soccer star and can draw airplanes.
He is a daddy's boy through and through!
 He is mama's "honey boy" (what he requests to be called).

Families are for children! 
If you don't believe that here is just one example.

Sept. 4th 2011

Sept. 4th 2012

We can't imagine our lives with out you!

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