Friday, September 14, 2012

1st Day of (Sit Down) School!!!

Yesterday we had our first sit down day of school!
We always start our first day of school with a little tradition.
Tim takes all the kindergarten and up aged kids out to breakfast and to officially "drop them off" at school (this is the first time it has been more than Addie participating).

We love it because it sort of makes school official, special and sets the tone... 
Plus it is just a fun way to kick off school!

Tim also has the kids pick our flowers for their teacher. Me.
Every year I taught in traditional school Tim would go out the night before and buy me flowers and sneak them in to my class and have them on the desk with a note of encouragement and love. 
Now he gives them to me, hands over the children and gives me a kiss!
Sweet, sweet man.

Then we take "class" and school pictures.

It is homeschool... so we try to keep it real too!

Here is our 2012/13 school photos...

Thea ... 10 minutes a day doing "Slow and Steady Get Me Ready" and helping mommy practice her personal patience, grace and perseverance... my personally little sanctifier!
Truly "The Sugar on Top" of the whole deal!

Cora - Pre-K... Studying with Rod and Staff work books and learning letter sounds. 
Enjoying most of our other learning times as she joins in. 

 Elias - Kindergarten... Studying using Rod and Staff, Letter of the Week and Sonlight Core A

Allan - Kindergarten... Studying using Rod and Staff, Letter of the Week and Sonlight Core A

Addie - 2nd grade... Studying with All About Reading/Spelling, Math U See, Early Language Lessons, Writing with Ease, and Sonlight Core A (and later in the year Beautiful Feet Early Am. History).

We had a fun fun day... It was positive and productive!
Basically all I could ask/hope for!

Back to home school!!!

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