Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of School 2012 & Beyond

We kicked off our first day of school last week!

What made it unique was that our first day of school was done in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.
Our second day of school was done in Idaho and Oregon.

Our first day of school we covered reading, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho state history and basic facts, history of Yellowstone, Mormonism, the Salt Lake (and Dead Sea), density, western exploration, that Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote (and Suffrage), population/statistics and Bible.

The second day of school we visited Three Sisters Volcano site in Oregon... and drove through the Willamette river valley. The volcano site was startling!!! We learned a TON of science as we discovered this amazing site of volcanic activity!!!

We went to a great beach on the Oregon coast and studied some of the tide pools there! We reviewed (because it was a previous Spring's science unit) about tides, waves, tide pool creatures and the coastal region... it was fun and very hands on!

On Sunday we drove through the Mount Saint Helen's National Monument... it too was a huge study in science for us! Not only did we learn a lot about the actual eruption, but about how the earth is healing itself and restoring after it. We learned how animals play a part in helping spread new seed and how things like caterpillars can destroy the new growth in just a season or two! We learned that they only evacuated a 5 mile radius of the mountain, but the blast range was 13 miles. We learned 56 people died in the eruption and destruction that it caused. 

Home school rocks!!! Volcanic rocks! It's a blast!!!

Basically, I've decided we might start off all our future school years with a similar trip! 

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kathrynellen said...

"It's a blast".... love it!