Saturday, September 8, 2007

Running a Race

There haven't been many times in my life when I have felt that God has interacted with me personally in a tangible way as He did in Biblical times (through angels, dreams, amazing circumstances, etc...). However, when I was in college I had a dream one night that I have little doubt the Lord gave me. It wasn't anything emotional or mystical. In fact after I awoke I just thought, "Wow! That was an amazing dream! I know that the Lord gave it to me..." I haven't told anyone about it except my husband...and I am not sure I told anyone for some was just so personal. So here is my best attempt at recreating it. It has encouraged me through many hard times to keep persevering in life.

I am a runner preparing to run a race. Competitors and coaches are busy preparing for the race all around me. What is funny is that I find it completely awkward to be in this race, like I was dumped into this situation without my consent. I HATE running! I do it because I must, but to run a race is completely ridiculous to me! The competition of running seems silly, discouraging and futile to me. I don't want to do this! To make matters worse everyone around me is rude especially this one particular competitor who seems to say that I am not a REAL runner and that I should have stayed at home... She flips her gleaming blond hair in my face and pushes me to the side!
Before I know it the race is starting! I wasn't even ready to start, there was no, "Get ready, get set, GO!" The snarling blond competitor snears as she speeds off...leaving me in her dust. Despite this I give running a go. One foot in front of another, far behind the other racers. I notice the crowd cheering, but wait, they are laughing, mocking me! As I look around, stumble and hang my head in shame I feel a large hand on my shoulder. I look up into a face that is unmistakably that of God in the form of a coach, my coach! It is a face of kindness and warmth but without distinction. I do remember that "the coach god" is wearing a jogging suit, haha! It is blue with yellow stripes on the side. But that is all of little important to what He says to me, "Marci, you must run! Don't worry about others reactions! Focus on running, focus on me! You CAN do this! I MADE you to do this!!! Now RUN!!!" At this he pushed me back on the coarse with such encouragement that I felt like I could win the race despite the odds against me. I awoke as I passed the finish line in a golden glow, feeling as if I had won the race with great triumph, but knowing in my mind that winning wasn't the goal, persevering was.

Thank you Lord for being the reason I keep running!

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