Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Crepes

I am the luckiest.
Every Saturday morning I get to sleep in (until 8:30 am... that is sleeping in when all your children are under 7) and I get woken up to the sound of a blender and pots and pans.

My man makes the BEST breakfasts, his signature recipe is crepes.

He makes fruit filling, real whipped cream and whatever else is on hand. I am blessed!

So this is the last week of Crepes... we get to trade them in for pancakes at the camp.
That is a blessing too.
Seeing kids that last day cry because they hate to leave, give hugs to people who helped them learn something new and leave changed in little or big ways by God. We get to see God work in hearts and also be worked on ourselves!

That is worth trading in the Crepes for pancakes and cold syrup.
Totally worth it... every saturday!

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