Thursday, May 26, 2011


I called Ug anda this morning.
That simply amazes me... That I can talk to someone that is on the other side of the planet!
Really it is so astounding.

I've been trying to call Kizito's family for about a week now and it wouldn't connect or they wouldn't pick up.
But finally today I got to talk with Aunt Eron!!!

Such a nice voice she has. Very calming and sweet.

Kizito looking for a caterpillar.

She said, "Oh Maci! It is you! Are you in the US?"
I said, "Yes I am not in Ug anda, I am in the US. How are you? Are you all doing well?"
Eron, "Yes we are well. How are you? Cora is well? Addie is well?" (She couldn't remember Elias' name) but asked if we were all well.
I assured her we were all well.
I asked, "Is Jaja (grandmother) is well too and Ronny and Dan (Kizitos' cousins)?" They are.
Good to know everyone is well, even 8000 miles away. Being well, it is good.

She said she was thankful for my recent visit and that Kizito had been going from friend to friends telling them about his "Mzungu" mom and how she had come to visit him, that his dad's name is Tim, but he "hadn't met him yet."

Eron was out visiting a friend and wasn't near Kizito... but I was welcomed to call any time.
But they are well. That is pretty much what my call established. But it is good to know all the same.

Simply smitten with this baby! She likes her finger... always sucking it!

I also got an update on Little Miss we got this week from another mother that is visiting the home... "Such a sweet girl! Seems to be doing really well and eating a LOT (gets her nanny up several times a night to eat!)"
I am just glad she is growing and getting love. I hope she starts to sleep better too.

Also we found out that all is complete with Little Miss' paper work, there is no question that on her side everything is ready to go if we want to move forward... we are praying and seeking out a few more things... just to make sure.

We are waiting on a few last things with Kizito.
Totally excited about that!

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