Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Squealing Like a Pig

So you know you hear a saying but really never grasp the full meaning until a particular moment?

Well the saying "squealing like a pig" has knew meaning to me today.

We went to our friends farm just now and picked out two small pigs to buy... they are techincally called "Guinea Hogs" not to be confused with guinea pigs (the rodents). We have the American variety which is closely related to the African Guinea Hogs... we are calling ours African American Guinea Hogs to help them fit better into our home. :0)

Any way, there were 2 mamas (hogs) and about 6 offspring and when the men-folk went into get them the noise that irrupted in the priorly calm pen was deafening!

Oh. My. Word!

It was not a squeal... they were screaming for their lives!!! It has got to be the most annoying and obnoxious sound God ever allowed on this great earth.

Then mama's came charging up to defend their young and I am fairly certain bit the other man-folk twice... it was UNREAL!

Tim had this look of half confusion and humor on his face... then one got out and Tim sat on her! Then the babies (human ones) started crying! It was enough to make this 1/2 city, 1/2 country girl wonder if she needed to high-tail it back to the land of sidewalks, manicured lawns and track housing with too expensive cars out front! Sheesh!

Then we went home and made a wallow...

Can you top that?

I'll get photos up soon.

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Denise said...

What fun! :) We have two potbellies, both of which were rescues. I think that one of them might actually be an African Guinea Hog. So, I know the sound you're talking about all too well! Friends of our run a potbellied pig rescue, and have well over 100 pigs. You should here it on vet day. Honestly, everyone wears ear plugs!