Wednesday, March 16, 2011


After the traumatizing events of last summer our chickens took a 6 month sabbatical of laying. I was at the point of giving up on the ladies... I was going to put an ad in the paper "Free Chickens: for cooking."

Recently we went away for a few weeks and had a friend stay at our house to care for them.
She said that the 2nd morning she went in and still no eggs... she had had enough of their unwillingness to ovulate too. So she said, "YOU'RE CHICKENS!!! GET LAYING EGGS RIGHT NOW!!!" and she yelled at them... seriously, she did.
(And unless you know her you might think her odd... but if you do, it all makes sense. She is just the kind of person that would yell at chickens and not care if people thought she was odd.)

Any way, the next morning... 4 eggs!

No joke!

They had laid a huge amount by the time we returned... to the point I had to inspect them I just didn't believe it. There was at least about 28!!!

Too funny!
I guess her confrontational methods were all they needed...


Sara said...

Hey, do you sell the ones that you dont use?

Marci said...

Yes! I would sell them for $3.50 a dozen... mainly to cover our feed costs.